China premium coking coal further tightens; Mongolian inflows recover Coking Coal 2020-01-09 10:56:50

Shortage in premium low-sulfur primary coking coal worsened in China's main production bases, despite small-scale stock ......

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1 CR Xi'an Railway lowers rail freight rates to boost coal shipment 2020-04-08

Xi'an Railway Group, a branch of China State Railway Corporation, lowered rail freight rates of cargoes shipped from several areas in Shaanxi by 20-26%, effective on April 4. The policy p

2 China Coal Daily Track (Apr 8) 2020-04-08

Thermal coal Production area Large coal miners in Yulin of Shaanxi kept prices stable amid supply-demand balance, while some small producers lowered prices by 10-15 yuan/t amid sales pressure.

3 Mongolian coking coal stocks plunge at Ganqimaodu amid slowed shipment 2020-04-08

Mongolian coking coal stockpiles plunged to a new low at Ganqimaodu border crossing in China's Inner Mongolia, on the back of further slowdown of customs clearance during three-day breaks for Tomb-swe

4 Indonesian thermal coal remains under pressure amid weak demand 2020-04-08

Spot price of Indonesian thermal coal was broadly expected to move down further in the Chinese seaborne import market, as demand for the overseas commodity has subdued by ample domestic supply.

5 Weekly China thermal coal analysis and forecast 2020-04-08

Price drops accelerated in China's domestic thermal coal market, falling nearly 20 yuan/t at northern ports last week, as bearish sentiment intensified after the country's top coal miner slashed Ap

6 Large Chinese thermal coal miners boost seaborne sales with discounts 2020-04-08

Several large Chinese thermal coal miners started boosting seaborne sales by offering aggressive discounts this week, further reinforcing utilities' expectation for even lower prices in spot market.

7 China Mar coking coal market: deep price declines on thin buys 2020-04-08

Coking coal mines in main production bases generally resumed operations in March, with supply gradually recovering to normal level. But a significant shrink in coke producers' purchase weighed down co

8 China reports an 8.87% dip in key steelmakers' stocks in late Mar 2020-04-08

China saw an 8.87% decline in finished steel stockpiles at key steel mills in over March 21-31, showed data from the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA). Their inventory was combined

9 Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast 2020-04-08

Coking coal market continued to go down amid flagging demand at China's main production areas during the past week. Coke producers still capped coking coal procurement amid worsening losses after the

10 Russia Q1 coal exports nearly plunge 16% on yr 2020-04-07

Russia logged a deep decline of nearly 16% in its coal exports in the first quarter this year, according to official data. The coal-rich country exported a total 37.03 million tonnes of c

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1 Mongolian coal exports to China fall to 90,000 T in Mar, customs data 2020-04-03

Mongolia, the third largest metallurgical coal exporter worldwide, saw coal exports to largest coking coal importer China fall to 90,000 tonnes in March, according to the Mongolian Customs General Adm

2 China's spot thermal coal continues to fall, but futures revive 2020-04-03

Spot prices of China's domestic thermal coal continued to move down at northern transfer ports, as traders panicked and sped up dumping after the country's top coal miner slashed April monthly term co

3 Mongolian coking coal prices fall after export resume 2020-04-02

After exports of Mongolian coking coal to China resumed as the risk of COVID-19 was seen receding, prices of the material have also declined against bearish coal market in China. As expec

4 CCI index sees biggest one-day fall after top miner cuts term prices 2020-04-02

China's spot thermal coal market experienced a sharp decline in the midweek with the benchmark 5,500 Kcal/kg NAR coal suffering the biggest one-day fall since late 2018. On April 1, Fenwe

5 Confidence slump in China's import thermal coal market 2020-04-03

Confidence was badly hit in China's import thermal coal market, on the back of utilities' contract default, deeper falls in domestic prices and a lack of recovery strength in China's industrial sector

6 Weekly global coal market news summary (Mar 30-Apr 3) 2020-04-03

Confidence slump in China's import thermal coal market Confidence was badly hit in China's import thermal coal market, on the back of utilities' contract default, deeper falls in domestic ...

7 Chinese premium met coal in quickened stock slide; import prices still weak 2020-04-03

Chinese low-sulfur primary coking coal, with similar quality to Australian hard coking coal, embraced quickened inventory decline in top production areas, following nearly 200 yuan/t of pullbacks afte

8 Chinese commodities traders rush metals, oil as uncertainty rises 2020-04-03

Investors breaking trading records on China's commodities exchanges are looking to metals and energy futures products such as stainless steel, tin and crude oil, as they hedge risks amid the global co

9 Chinese miners cut coking coal prices after Q2 term contract pricing 2020-04-02

Many Chinese miners moved to lower coking coal prices amid worsened outlook after top miner Shanxi Coking Coal adjusted down prices of some grades for the second quarter term contracts. C

10 Pressure builds on China met coke market 2020-04-03

China's metallurgical coke market was under great downward pressure, as more steelmakers in major industry hubs of Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi proposed a 50 yuan/t cut in coke purchase prices.

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